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Christian materials and Bibles in Braille are freely provided in English, Spanish, and 14 other languages to people who are Blind or Visually Impaired throughout the world.

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Christian materials in English are provided via DTB cartridges free of charge to recipients in the United States (no orders accepted in other countries).

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Large Print

Christian materials and Bibles in Specialized Large Print are freely provided in English, Spanish, and 11 other languages to people who are Visually Impaired.


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Lutheran Braille Workers Board of Directors Selects Daniel Jenkins as President

Yucaipa, CA (December 29, 2022) – The Board of Directors of Lutheran Braille Workers (LBW) is excited to announce the appointment of Daniel Jenkins as President effective January 1, 2023. Daniel is an advancement and strategic ministry-focused leader with over 20 years of management experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Daniel came to…

Searching For God

   Marie knew about Lutheran Braille Workers and its ministry to people with Visual Impairment for years growing up. Little did she know that one day she would rely on the same ministry, not for herself, but for her son who needed Large Print resources. Recently, she shared her story: “When I grew up, church…

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Bringing a Braille Bible to a Family!

Even at the age of 4, Brooke wanted to be able to read the Word of God for herself. Born Blind, she was already frustrated at a young age with going to church and having to listen without being able to follow along. So one day Brooke whispered her request into the ear of a mall Santa. When her parents asked Santa what Brooke had asked for, Santa replied, “She only wanted a Braille Bible.”

Brooke’s mom, Sydney, began searching everywhere she could think of to find a Braille Bible. Because this was before the mainstream use of the Internet, it was a struggle! Finally, Sydney found a Braille Bible available for sale, but it was going to cost $2,000—far more than the family could afford. Sydney soon reached out to the entire family and asked them to not buy gifts, but chip-in money for the one gift Brooke wanted. Unfortunately, before they could even raise the full amount, the Bible was sold and Sydney didn’t know where else to turn.

Eventually she was led to Lutheran Braille Workers, and when she called, the response was immediate. Within two weeks the first three volumes of a Braille Bible arrived at their doorstep for free, and Brooke was able to open a Bible just for herself on Christmas morning. Over the next six years, several volumes arrived each year and soon Brooke almost had a complete Bible. In addition, Brooke had discovered a special gift, an amazing singing voice, and she was asked to sing at a Christmas event at LBW’s headquarters. Upon arriving, she was given the remaining books of the Bible, and she was able to bless all those in attendance with Christmas carols.

16 years later, Brooke’s photo popped up in some old books, and a member of LBW decided to try to find her and see what had happened to this little girl who wanted a Braille Bible so badly. After a day of phone calls and social media investigation, Brooke was finally reached. Amazingly, she was both a professional church worker and musician specializing in church music. She credits having the Bible in her life from an early age as putting her on the journey towards serving God. We praise the Lord for using Brooke’s talents to grow His kingdom, and for allowing LBW to be a part of her journey.




Lutheran Braille Workers exists to bring the Word of God to the 253 million people throughout the world who are Blind or Visually Impaired, completely free of charge, in Braille, Specialized Large Print, and Audio-Digital formats.

Men, women, and children find hope in the Light of Christ through the Bible and other Christian materials provided by LBW in over 15 languages in every part of the globe. While they live in physical and spiritual darkness, LBW is one of the last remaining free resources available to them in which the Good News of Jesus is shared quickly and in high quality formats.

In its 78 year history, Lutheran Braille Workers has produced and distributed over 14 million volumes of Christian material, in almost 40 languages, to 164 countries. LBW has never charged a recipient to receive these materials as we believe financial ability should never prevent the Word of God from being shared with this underserved population.




There are over 3,000 active and engaged volunteers throughout the United States and Canada who passionately produce and prepare the materials distributed to people who are Blind or Visually Impaired throughout the world. These volunteers help produce almost 10,000 volumes of material every single month, in addition to the other incredible services they provide through narration, formatting, or transcribing. In fact, it is estimated this volunteer force helps LBW save over $6,000,000 in labor cost each and every year!

Volunteers range in age from 12-102, bringing multiple talents and skills to this organization. Some volunteers contribute two or three hours per month, while some volunteers spend hours every single week with this ministry. One thing they all possess and share is a passion for sharing the Gospel message with people who may not otherwise have access to the Bible.

If you possess this same passion for spreading the love of Christ, and want to be part of one of the most amazing teams of men and women on Earth, learn more about how you can volunteer today by clicking here!



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