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"The Braille Calendar you sent gave me a sense of independence I lost when I couldn't see anymore. The Scripture reminded me God loves me. Thank you!"

“Lutheran Braille Workers is the only organization that we have contact [with] that has been willing to provide us with a Bible for those who are truly visually disabled...,”

- Prison Chaplain, MS.

“I sent a man born blind the New Testament on audio CDs and later was able to forward him Braille copies of two of the gospels. His son reported to me that he came home to find his father dancing around the living room with his cane. He said, “Dad, what’s going on?” He said, ‘I heard the gospel message before but it didn’t mean as much to me. But when I touched the Word of God with my fingers…the Word of God touched me right back in my heart.’ Thank you for what you do.”

- Jad Ghrayyeb

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for blessing two of my loved ones with the labors of your hearts.”

- With love, Rachel

“Dear Braille Workers in the Lord Jesus, I wanted to demonstrate my gratitude for this ministry. I work with a child who has been blind since birth, in a public school setting. I believe that Jesus is needed everywhere and to everyone. You all have made this possible to an elementary school child through your passion, commitment, and love for God. I pray that God will bless this ministry above and beyond what you could ever ask or think. Thank you for the Children’s Gospels in Braille.”

- Amber, USA

“Thank you so much for the LBW Large Print Bible, I have barely put it down to eat or sleep. I missed reading my Bible for years, this is like an early Christmas to me!!!”

- Brendle, USA

“Thank you for being an enduring proof that it pays to serve The Lord! Thank you for putting your lives and resources on the line for Christ's use to engineer my salvation and that of countless more.”

- Babatunde, Lagos, Nigeria

“It gives me much pleasure to write to you at this moment. Since we started receiving your English, Large Print Bibles, a lot of handicapped and blind are now understanding the need to serve God. The word of God really touched their hearts and lives are changing for the better. Also, a lot of our communities are benefiting from your and our programs. People over here appreciated your efforts and are saying a big thank to you. We hoped you would continue supporting us with your books in order to reach the other communities. Send our greetings to all your Lutheran Braille Workers throughout USA who made their efforts in supporting us with their books. I sign off here and wishing you all the best.”

- Matthew K.

“Thank you SO much for sending the Braille New Testament to my blind son, Jeff. It has brought him to Christ, an amazing blessing in his life and for our family. He is now a member of a great local church and church community group. He also reads his Braille Bible every Wednesday as a volunteer at a local hospice, comforting dying patients. Our prayers are being answered, and LBW is a big part of this. Your work is simply amazing.”

- Tom B- Lake Wylie, SC

“From the bottom of my heart, and I know the other Blind people I work with would echo these thoughts, thank you for what you do.”

- Andrew, England

“Do you know what you gave me when I was able to read the Bible for the first time in two years? You gave me hope again. Thank you!”

- Robert B., Spring, TX

“It’s a highlight of my month. It’s what I look forward to more than almost anything, other than seeing my grandchildren. The chance to study the Bible, have lunch, and enjoy the company of others for even two hours, makes me so happy.”

- Laverna, Detroit, MI

“Thank you for helping my 10 year old daughter feel like she belongs. She received her first free Braille Bible volume this week and was able to participate in Sunday School. I was in tears when she came home from church on Sunday so filled with happiness.”

- Michael, Philadelphia, PA

“You’re sharing God’s love with a lot of people who don’t feel loved, in a place where none of us could afford to buy these materials on our own. You’re the only ones doing this work. Thank you for what you’re doing. It means a lot to me, and it means a lot to every Blind person I talk to and give a book of the Bible to. Thank you all!”

- John R., 51 years old, Detroit, MI

“My name is Akindele Akinyemi from Ogun State, Nigeria in West Africa. About thirty years ago, I had benefitted from your lovely gesture of sending free bibles to every blind person. At the time, it was any Braille reader anywhere in the world! I don’t know whether it is the same now, but, for me a Nigerian who was born blind, it was a gesture, simply priceless. I must at this point admit that this not only strengthened my faith, it gave me unrestrained and independent access to the bible, which I could have only dreamt of, at the time. Thank you!”

“Dear Lutheran Braille Workers, I recently started receiving the Braille Scripture Calendar. Thank you very much for the calendar, and I really appreciate the opportunity to hone my new Braille skills by reading the scripture and feeling the image on each month's page. Two of my friends also receive the scripture calendar; however, they have not learned the UEB edition as I did. Because of your scripture calendar, one of them is going to enroll in a course to learn the new Braille. Not only do the calendars give us encouragement from God's word, they are urging others to keep learning. What a great influence you are. Thank you.”

- Dianne Roberts, Georgia

“I received my box of large print materials today and I can’t thank you enough. I am raising my autistic granddaughter and when she asked why was I about to cry, she saw what was in the box, smiled and said to me "See!!! God loves you!" You don’t know how much what you do means to me and so many others. Thank you and God bless.”

- Lea Hutto, USA



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