Spreading the Love of God Throughout the World


Spreading the Love of God Throughout the World

Jeff was on a mission trip to Nicaragua where he was involved in handing out dozens of Bibles to men and women in different communities. On the last day, before he got into the car to head to the airport, he was approached by a young man, Christopher. Christopher pleaded, “Don’t you have a Bible I can use? All I want to do is read the Bible for myself.” You see, Christopher was Blind, and he did not know where to get a Spanish Braille Bible.

After returning to the United States, Jeff and his wife, Barbie, began the process of looking for a Spanish Braille Bible. Eventually, they found Lutheran Braille Workers and ordered a Bible, expecting they would be paying a hefty price for it, especially in terms of shipping costs. They couldn’t believe their ears when they called LBW on the phone and were told the entire Bible would be sent to them, completely free of charge.

Upon receiving the full 44-volume Spanish Braille Bible, they immediately began exploring ways of getting the Bible to Christopher in Nicaragua. Jeff and Barbie chose to send the books via the US Postal Service’s free matter shipping. Christopher received his books in a few weeks and was incredibly excited to have a Bible he could read for himself!

Your gifts allow men and women like Christopher to know the love of Christ for themselves! Your gifts also support missionaries and men and women who are sharing the Gospel throughout the world.

Lutheran Braille Workers currently works in approximately 20 languages between Braille and Specialized Large Print and reaches thousands of people in countries around the world every single year.

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