Sharing God’s Love With People Who Don’t Feel Loved


“I used to walk through the toughest neighborhoods in Detroit, without any fear. Everybody knew me as The Mailman because that’s what I did­—delivered mail. None of those places ever scared me and the baddest dudes left me alone. But losing my sight in both eyes, that’s the scariest thing I ever faced. I didn’t know what to do.

Eventually I learned Braille, but still felt pretty lost in my life. Then I started going to a church down the street. They told me about Jesus.
They told me I was loved. The pastor’s wife ordered me a Braille Bible and soon I could read about God’s love for me on my own. Wow, my life was changed.

Wouldn’t you know it, I ended up at a doctor who was willing to try a new medical procedure on my eyes, and I was able to regain about half of my vision in both eyes. I still read Braille, but I can also read your Large Print. I still walk through those tough neighborhoods, but now
I don’t worry because I have Jesus on my side.

I’ve begun tutoring children who are Blind on how to read Braille. More importantly, I share the Bible with so many people who are Blind around Detroit; people like me who lost their vision because they didn’t take care of their health. 

But y’all don’t care why we lost our vision. You still send us the Bible, and devotionals, and other materials without charging us a dime. You’re sharing God’s love with a lot of people who don’t feel loved, in a place where none of us could afford to buy these materials on our own. You’re the only ones doing this work.

Thank you for what you’re doing. It means a lot to me, and it means a lot to every Blind person I talk to and give a book of the Bible to. Thank you all!” 

John R., 51 years old, Detroit, MI

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