Searching For God



 Marie knew about Lutheran Braille Workers and its ministry to people with Visual Impairment for years growing up. Little did she know that one day she would rely on the same ministry, not for herself, but for her son who needed Large Print resources. Recently, she shared her story:

“When I grew up, church was not something in my life. In fact, the first time I stepped into a church was when I was 13 years old when I went to youth group with a friend whose family invited and drove me. I knew about God, and I remembered how much faith mattered to my Grandpa George. That was my first connection to your ministry. He lost his sight later in life and I remember he got audio tapes from LBW which he would listen to every single night before sleeping. They brought him so much peace and comfort. But I didn’t have faith…yet.


Going to Sunday School changed my life. I soon became baptized along with my brothers, one of whom was one year younger and the other who was ten years younger. My faith continued to grow and blossom throughout the years. I know for a fact that having Christ in my life has guided me through many joys and struggles. As any parent knows, this is especially true when children enter the picture.

My son Nick is an incredible young man. However, he has issues with his vision, which despite having glasses, require him to use Large Print resources. This was always a struggle for him growing up as it set him apart from other children. I learned very quickly how mean children can be to others as Nick faced so many challenges. Yet, he faced every obstacle with a smile and a heart which cannot be matched. But still, I knew he needed more to get through this time of his life. About eight years ago, Nick really began searching for understanding on his connection to God. Obtaining resources, he could read was a challenge, but then I thought of Grandpa George and remembered your ministry. I went to your website and ordered some Large Print devotionals. What started with My Devotions developed into something greater, and in 2016 he began the process of reading the entire Bible beginning from Genesis 1! Every day he wakes up praying and now has his own table dedicated to his study of the Word of God. These practical materials, and the love of Christ found within, have helped train Nick, and allowed him to develop a faith which navigate life’s challenges. They have given him teachings, guidance, and direction. Most importantly they have shown him that faith is what matters. Love matters.

Now, he is considering a career in church work, and shares his faith (and heart of love) with everybody he meets. Your resources meet him where he is, instead of always making him adjust to the rest of the world. I cannot imagine his life, or my life, without these books coming in the mail every month for free. They are his life now! Could you imagine how many youth lives would be changed if they could read a devotion every night? Thanks to all of you, Nick has this opportunity, and I can never thank you enough.”

In Nick’s own words, “Thank you to everyone for providing the devotional for all of these years as they really helped me grow in my faith over time.”

Thank you for your support! You allow Large Print resources to be produced for people of all ages. Your support proves, Love Works!


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