Helping A Community


We recently learned about a powerful story involving a young lady named Sara who recently received a Spanish Braille Bible for her brother, Luis, in Mexico. She shared:

“My brother has been blind his entire life and has struggled with issues because of it. We are very poor, and our parents could not afford to send him to special schools to help him learn how to overcome his blindness. We were blessed somebody in our town was able to teach him how to read Braille, but even then, it was always a struggle finding books for him to read. As we got older, I tried to find him a Braille Bible, but they are extremely expensive, and it would take our family years to save enough money to buy one, if we ever could afford it.

One day I was visiting friends who work at an orphanage near my town. I met the pastor and told him about my family, including my brother. I shared how hard it was for my brother, and how much we simply wanted a Bible for him to read. The pastor’s face immediately lit up and he told me he knew how to get a Braille Bible for my brother; when I said we couldn’t pay for it, he told me it was free. I didn’t believe it at all, but he told me to come back the following week. When I returned, he greeted me immediately and put several boxes in my car. He opened one box and pulled out Genesis in Spanish Braille and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

When I made it home and shared the boxes with my brother, he became incredibly excited. He pulled out every single book and began touching the dots on the cover and the pages. Luis kept asking, “Is this real? Is this real?” Actually, his greatest worry was that he would have to give the Bible back, and when we told him it was his to keep, he broke down in tears. Our entire family was in tears because this was an answer to our prayers, and we still cannot believe we didn’t have to pay for the Bible.

I want to thank everybody who makes these Bibles possible for people like my brother. We couldn’t afford one on our own, but now my brother can read about Jesus with the rest of us.”

Your gifts of prayer, time, service, and money put the Word of God into the hands of Luis and benefitted Sara and their entire family. Thank you for what you do!

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