Hello Lutheran Braille Workers


Hello Lutheran Braille Workers:

“I would like to order a Russian Braille Bible. It is not said enough how grateful I am for this organization. Twenty five years ago, I was living in Korea when I met two missionaries and they wanted to share the Word of God with me. There was one problem, I needed a Braille Bible and had no way of attaining one. So these two wonderful people went back to the United States did some searching and found Lutheran Braille Workers. The next time I saw them they had a Bible for me.

Since, I’ve moved to the United States, studied theology and have returned back to Korea where I am now a pastor. Wherever I moved my Braille Bible went with me. I still have my 25 year old Bible and read it every day, it’s the most precious thing I have. Lutheran Braille Workers, the volunteers and you have changed my life, for that I am grateful.

I apologize for not thanking you sooner. God’s blessing to all of you.”

H. Chun, Seoul, South Korea

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