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Lutheran Braille Workers is excited to announce the opening of a new Ministry Production Center at Rivercliff Lutheran Church in Sandy Springs, Georgia, this spring!

The journey to open this center began in Fall 2019 when Rivercliff Lutheran Church’s pastor, Reverend Jeffrey Jordan, heard a representative of LBW speak at the Florida-Georgia LCMS District Circuit Visitor meeting. At the time, Rivercliff Lutheran Church was considering new avenues to explore in terms of ministering to others in the community and throughout the world. Pastor Jordan felt something tug at his heart and brain as he heard about LBW, and thought his church should at least learn more about this unique opportunity to bring the Gospel to people who are Blind or Visually Impaired.

In early 2020, the church requested a representative from LBW headquarters come to Georgia, which happened in March, right before shut-downs began to occur in the United States due to COVID. The representative spoke briefly during two church services, presented during the 45 minute Sunday School window, spoke to a Circuit meeting of the local LCMS churches, addressed a pan-Lutheran ministry organization in the North Atlanta area, visited key individual stakeholders, and met with several government and non-religious organizations which serve the Visually Impaired in north Georgia.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. Over 50 people signed-up to volunteer if a Ministry Production Center was opened at Rivercliff Lutheran Church, multiple area congregations committed to sending volunteers or providing financial support, other means of financial support were identified, and most importantly, an area of great opportunity to witness to an underserved population was recognized in Atlanta. There are approximately 250,000 people in the Atlanta metropolitan area who are Blind or Severely Visually Impaired, and there is a severe shortage of religious services provided to these individuals.

The Holy Spirit was truly at work through this entire process beginning in 2019. This spring, Rivercliff Lutheran Church will be opening a Ministry Production Center which will be producing Braille, Specialized Large Print, and Prison Large Print Bibles for distribution throughout the region, country, and world! To God be the glory as the men and women of Rivercliff Lutheran Church begin this ministry! Please pray for their continued success!

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