A Message From Our President – Christmas 2020


A Message from our president

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I am looking forward to Christmas this year. I’m not excited because of Christmas gifts, or watching football on television (though these are always fun moments), but because I eagerly await celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I also look forward to 2021 because, like many of you, I’m ready to be done with 2020. This has been a challenging year on so many levels, and I earnestly pray that next year will be better. Waking up on Christmas morning means the new year is a week away!

What excites me most about 2021 is the continued advancement of Lutheran Braille Workers’ ministry! We continue to explore new languages in which to work and produce, as well as expand the number of titles we offer in Braille, Large Print, and Audio. We are updating our Audio files to meet the standard required for their entry into the Library of Congress database. There are new Ministry Production Centers being opened and new volunteers are working from home! Our team is working with new potential ministry partners and we are looking at new countries to send the Word of God into. Opening a new Ministry Production Center and distribution hub in India is a major project we continue to work on as we seek new funding sources.

There were great results in 2020, in spite of the challenges LBW faced. We accomplished so much, and thanks to your generous support, there wasn’t a single month in which the Word of God did not continue to be produced and distributed throughout the world. You enabled this ministry to continue its mission and survive. More than this, you have put our ministry on a path to thrive in 2021 and beyond, especially after the COVID restrictions are removed.

Most importantly, you have ensured men, women, and children continue to receive the Good News in a format they can read, listen to, or understand. You have helped tens of thousands of people know the love of God this year. You have helped individuals who are Blind or Visually Impaired, around the globe, look forward to celebrating Christmas on December 25; some of these individuals will be celebrating for the first time!

Thank you for your dedication to this ministry. I pray you are able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas season and celebrate the coming New Year safely!

In His Service

Jay Zemke, President

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